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ADM, Inc. is an established company, doing business in California since 1996.  In the software & internet industry, that is virtually a lifetime. We are good at what we do, and we aren't going anywhere.

We Get It

We know that when it comes to your web site, you need a company to take the ball and run with it.  We know you don’t want micromanage us or worry about what we are or aren't doing.  We take pride in functioning like a trusted business partner; someone who thinks like you do, shares the same goals, and gets the job done.  In fact, everyone on our staff is like that – or they wouldn’t be here anymore.

Level of Service

From auto mechanics to computer repair, most technical service companies have abysmal customer service.  We’re different.  Do business with us and you will have a personal account manager.  Someone who knows who you are.  Someone who answers your calls or email promptly.  Someone who is knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills.


Efficiency lowers costs. We take full advantage of the internet by using U.S. based remote workers.  In our business, there is no reason for everyone to drive to work and sit in the same office all day.  Smart strategies like this eliminate many operating costs and allow us to offer our services to you at an outstanding value.