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We are an SEO consulting company based in San Diego.
Right now, most web sites receive over 90% of their visitors via search engines.
If your site doesn't appear near the top, your customers are finding your competitor instead of you.
We can fix that with professional Search Engine Optimization.

Why you need Search Engine Optimization

You know how important Search is. You use it every day just like everyone else. And if you're like the rest of us, you rarely click past the second page of search results when you're looking for something. So there should be no doubt in your mind that your site needs to be near the top of the search results or it may as well be invisible.

You may also have realized that search engines desperately want to deliver the best results they can to their users. The better they do their job, the more their users keep coming back. Generally, they do a good job-- but they are far from perfect. Often times they find it difficult to determine which sites are most important for a particular search term.

That's where SEO comes in. A site properly optimized, both on page and off, can be seen as more important in the eyes of the search engines. Elevate your site's importance and your site will rise to the top of the search result pages.

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SEO in a Nutshell

Traditionally, the term "SEO" has referred specifically to "on-page" optimization. "On page" means certain tweaks are made to a site's web pages that helps improve it's ranking in the search engines. While this is still the foundation of true SEO, it is now only a part of a sound SEO strategy.

To be effective, especially in highly competitive industries, a sucessful SEO campaign needs to employ a variety of strategies. Among the tasks that need to be performed are: on-page optimization, content analysis, content creation, internal linking structure, human usability, and off-page link building. Focusing on all of these factors in concert is the only way to produce lasting results.

As with most things, doing SEO well requires knowledge, experience, hard work, and consistency. It is also extremely important to strictly adhere to ethical SEO practices. It can't be stressed enough that you should take special care to avoid hiring any company which may be using unethical techniques. Unethical practices can irrepairably harm your site's trust in the eyes of the search engines resulting in severe penalties including completely being dropped from the search results.