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Atomic Media SEO is a small, specialized SEO firm that focuses on giving maximum value and support to a select group of clients.  Below you will find a summary of the basic SEO Services we offer.  While these are listed individually, in most cases it is much better to allow us to put together a customized package for your site that uses a combination of the following services:

Complete Site Review

Your entire site will be evaluated to determine some key information. Special attention will first be paid to determine if it is search engine friendly. Overall internal linking structure and human usability will also be assessed.  And finally, we do a detailed analysis of the competition to determine how competing sites are achieving their rankings and otherwise attracting visitors.

On-page Analysis & Optimization

Every page on your site will be analyzed and then optimized to index and rank better. Using the roadmap we built from the Complete Site Review, your site’s architecture, layout/code, internal linking structure, and overall usability will also be optimized.  On-page SEO is the one thing we can control with 100% certainty.  For this reason, we take extreme care to make sure we can use every advantage we can.

Off-site Link Building

Assuming your site has been properly optimized (On-Page SEO), this is the most crucial component of any successful SEO campaign. Search engines count a link to your site as a “vote” for your site. Relevant, natural inbound links can therefore play a huge role in helping your site to rank better. Our link experts build links to your site through a variety of methods.

Online Reputation Management

Every business has them: the customer or client who is impossible to please. With the proliferation of review sites, social networking sites, and blogs, it is now extremely easy for anyone who feels slighted to attack your company's reputation. These negative comments and reviews can then turn up at the top of the search engine results and further tarnish your company's image with an even wider audience. Fortunately, there is something that we can do. By displacing these negative search results and engaging sources of negative content we can often nullify or minimize attacks on your company reputation.

Keyword Research

Keywords are used by both people and search engines.  When you type something into a search box on a search engine, you are typing in keywords for what you want to find.  When a search engine evaluates the content of your site, it uses the keywords it finds to help it decide what your site is about.  Expert analysis and keyword research will identify: (1) Existing keywords you rank for and how to leverage them for improvement.  (2) New, popular keywords that should also be targeted. (3) Keywords that are obscure, but abundant, and very easy to rank for.  (4) Keywords for related products or services that will broaden your visibility.

Copywriting / Content Creation

Having content that is original, relevant, and fresh can affect your ability to rank tremendously.  Among the things our team focuses on are: blog authoring, informational article writing, and on-site rewrites of existing content.